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veterinarian tyngsboroughwww.akc.org/breeds/rescue.cfm - If you are interest in rescuing a particular breed of dog, this website lists rescue organizations by breed.

www.kittyangels.org - Kitty Angels is a Tyngsborough-based rescue organization for feral and pet cats.

www.lowellhumanesociety.org - The Lowell Humane Society is under new management and now adopts out many more animals, all of which have been blood tested, vaccinated and spayed (or neutered)

www.mspca.org/adoption/methuen-nevins - The Humane Society in Methuen is an excellent place to adopt dogs, cats, and exotic animals as well.

www.hsfn.org - Nashua NH also has a humane society, which has been in service for decades.

www.buddydoghs.org - Buddy Dog can take in unwanted cats and dogs and adopts them out as well. They are located in Sudbury Mass.

www.sterlingshelter.org - The Sterling Animal Shelter is located off of Route 190 in Sterling MA.

www.northeastanimalshelter.org - The Northeast Animal Shelter is located in Salem MA.



Veterinarian Tyngsborowww.dogslearningcenter.com - Carolyn Barney is a long-time associate of Dr. Spodick and has been training for 20 years. Her center is located in Hudson NH.

www.family-dog-training.com - Paul Emerson and Bridget Desroches are a team of dog trainers with years of experience. Their center is also located in Hudson NH.

www.geminidogs.com - Located in Littleton MA. Offers dog training and behavioral consultations.


Veterinarian TyngsboroNEARBY KENNELS:

www.butler-kennels.com - A small, excellent kennel in Dunstable MA. The owners live on the property and pets that stay there get tons of individual attention!

www.bestfriendspetcare.com/tyngsboro-ma - Located in Tyngsboro MA. Their large facility always has room for a last minute stay.



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