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Dr. John A. Spodick, Veterinarian Dr. JOHN A. SPODICK
Dr. Spodick first developed his love of animals as a volunteer for the Trailside Museum in Milton at the age of 10. After successfully weaning and releasing 15 baby squirrels, he decided that he wanted to pursue veterinary medicine. Following a 7 year stint at the Primate Center in Southborough, he graduated from Purdue in 1989. At veterinary school he realized that he enjoyed small animal practice as well as his lifelong interest in exotic animals and wildlife. He opened Swan Corner Animal Hospital in 1997, after stints at several area veterinary hospitals.

Ashley Coolidge, Vet Tech ASHLEY COOLIDGE
Ashley Coolidge is originally from the small town of West Rutland, Vermont. Ashley decided she wanted to work with animals when she was in high school and started a job at a local clinic at age 16. She worked part-time as a kennel assistant and quickly moved up to helping in appointments, that’s when she decided she wanted to be a Tech. Ashley attended Vermont Technical College from 2005-2007 where she received a degree in Veterinary Technology. In 2009 Ashley moved to Massachusetts to become part of the Swan Corner Animal Hospital staff. She looks forward to meeting you and your pet. Ashley has a cat named Rorschach and a guinea pig named Butters.

Jen came to Swan Corner Animal Hospital in July of 2009 after graduating from UNE with a degree in Medical Biology. She worked as a kennel assistant prior to joining our staff. A career in the veterinary field was a simple choice for her, since she has always loved animals. Jen grew up having many pets and now owns 3 cats named Keisha, Butterscotch and Brady. She is interested in the field of veterinary medicine because it’s always evolving and presenting new challenges. Jen enjoys the variety her profession brings and enjoys meeting new pets and their families.

Natalie has been working as a veterinary technician for the past 10 years. She became certified in veterinary dentistry in 2005 and has assisted and performed oral surgery on dogs, cats, pigs and monkeys. Before coming to Swan Corner Animal Hospital in 2004, Natalie volunteered at a Wildlife Refuge in Stow saving injured and orphaned wildlife for many years. Her passion for all animals is shown through the variety of pets she’s rescued over the years. Her fuzzy family includes her 3 cats: Ollie, Mee’s and Hayley, 2 guinea pigs: Riley and Chi-Chi, her dog Jemma, a rabbit named Kanga and her bird Beaner.

Liam has been a veterinary technician for over 20 years, seven of those years with Swan Corner Animal Hospital and has been working with animals all his life. In his career, Liam has dealt with many different species; exotic, wild and domestic. Some of the animals he has worked with include; horses, alligators, various raptors (eagles, hawks, vultures) and a tiger. Liam has also worked as an Animal Control Officer, a Naturalist and in wildlife rehabilitation. Liam’s’ favorite part about working in veterinary medicine is being able to meet and work with so many different animals.

Cody is originally from Springfield Massachusetts and has been aspiring to become a veterinarian since the beginning of high school. He is 16 years old and a junior at Alvirne high school and is enrolled in a veterinary science class where he learns about large and small animals. Cody constantly works with rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, cows, donkeys, and animals alike in his school’s kennel and farm. He has been an animal lover his whole life while growing up with dogs, rabbits, and fish. However, his love for animals is not limited to those species. Currently Cody owns two dogs named Dirk and Bailey. Due to Cody’s love for animals he decided to work in the veterinarian field. He started working at Swan Corner Animal Hospital in October of 2012. Working at Swan Corner is just one step for him to being a veterinarian.

Colgate, our clinic cat, came to us through Kitty Angels in 1998. He was difficult to adopt out because he carried the Feline Immunodeificiency Virus, and he was quite antisocial. Over the years he’s become much more social, but has also developed diabetes, liver problems, ear cancer (twice) and most recently a hyperactive thyroid gland. Now, 13 years later, he has become an institution at Swan Corner, and we can’t imagine the hospital without him.


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